5 best rides for your daily usage

Humans are an amalgamation of emotions, and one of the foremost among all the emotions is pleasure. The same emotion is taken into great consideration while crafting a beauty in the form of metallic brilliance. Yes, you guessed it right! This is about those meticulously framed automobiles that rule the car segments anywhere in the world. These luxury craftsmanship are for anyone who has ever driven the four-wheel vehicular brilliance.
We all are aware of the subjective nature of choosing the perfect ride which suits one best, and it is always fun to go through a magnum opus of options. However easy it may sound, doing so could be a very tedious task to work around. How about some expert advice on what to look for when you are out there curating for your comfy ride of luxury.
Following listicle showcases some of the best luxury cars which can be used for daily usage. As most of our time is consumed in commuting, why not make it a comfortable one while you are at it. So, let’s dig in and find out what suits you the best.

BMW 3 Series
It is no hidden fact that German engineering is excruciatingly well crafted. The impeccable nature of putting things together shows the level of competence they hold. BMW is one of the best luxury car manufactures out there. And the 3 Series is something which you could never get over, once you have tasted the free-spirited nature of the drive it provides you with. A brilliant design is one of the most innovative aspects, along with the sheer nature of ridability and control dynamics. A great feature which can be used around the city drives is its parking assistance feature. With so much traffic and tight parking spots, parking your vehicle safely is a big trouble; however, in the BMW 3 Series, the smooth traversing through the parking is well assisted with the sensors helping from the rear end, front end and sideways. With a 165mm of ground clearance, this German machine is a good call for the Indian roads. BMW, in this segment of cars provides, you with a TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine. This configuration is amazingly suited for your daily usage and the plush ride feel which you would want to experience while driving a luxury vehicle. The car provides a great mileage while still being a heavy run machine altogether.

Volvo XC40
A premium class SUV from the Swedish automotive manufacturers, the Volvo XC40 showcases the built quality and also keeps the safety on a pivotal note. The nature of the built is crafted in such a manner that there is no reason to be having a second thought while you are conclusive of getting the Swedish feel. The XC40 comes loaded with a twin-turbo D4 petrol engine producing 190bhp and 400 Nm of torque. It comes with a ground clearance of 211mm, which is great for that hill and offroad drive as well as the usual Indian roads. A machine capable of providing power along with comfort: this was the idea behind Volvo XC40 which undoubtedly makes it a great fit into the selected criteria of daily drivables. With all its great functionalities, the PAP (Park Assist Pilot) can come quite handy while trying manoeuvres through tight parking spots, as we mostly find fully parked parking spaces around us. Furthermore, it also helps while parallel parking the vehicle. All these minute detailing makes for a great work of precision and can be a great fit to your vehicular needs.

Mercedes Benz GLA
Another German addition to the list, and why not: as we all know that the Germans make are pretty much ruling the luxury car market all over the world. Simply put, these machines provide you with a greater presence on the road and even makes you feel very relaxed even while gliding at a fast speed – Mercedes Benz GLA is no exception to this. The sheer brilliance in the make is felt even before waking up the engine. A decent 183mm of ground clearance is sure to help you strive through the best (or the worst) of roads pretty much with ease. The makers provide you with two options: a diesel run engine and another petrol powered version. The diesel version will provide you an engine configuration of 2143 cc while the petrol version will provide you with 1991 cc. All fun but now let’s put GLA to some daily needs such as parking problems in these overly crowded streets of ours. The GLA provides a great parking assistance, which helps you while searching for a parking spot and with entering and exiting the spot without much hassle. The parking sensors are pretty much what you would expect from such a brilliantly manufactured machine. This is a 5-seater vehicle with an ample amount of space to offer, both in front and at the back. With some added off-road features, this could be a great fit for your daily rendezvous.

Audi Q2
A work of sheer brilliance, the German engineering is what reflects in the great dynamics in the build. The Audi Q2 comes with a 2.0 TFSI 4-cylinder petrol unit. A 200mm of ground clearance is supposedly a good one for the off road rides which you might be planning to take on with your Audi Q2. The great interior providing a plush feel to the person driving is also a great addition to the already loaded features of the car. Coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission, the vehicle is a great fit for both worlds. Now, regarding the daily usage features of the Q2 – being such a big car in size – one would wonder if there is a difficulty driving it in and out of tight parking spots or traffic; but with some great sensors for front, rear and side assistance, this car could come pretty handy.

Audi A4
Once again the German engineering is here to showcase one of its sublime luxury cars of the lot. We all are very much aware of the usual ideation of luxury cars, and not to state the obvious, it provides a great value for the money involved. The Audi machines are no different to the usual ergonomics of the luxury car fanaticism. With a 128 mm of ground clearance, Audi A4 is surely a good car to be driven on normal roads but might be a little too down for your off road trips. The sheer performance coupled with a brilliant road control is what makes it the most sorted one among its peers. As far as the specifications go, the A4 model is equipped with a 1.4-litre 40 TFSI engine, generating 147 hp and 250 Nm of torque bolted to a 7-speed S tronic transmission and Quattro front-wheel drive. Enough about power specs, let’s talk about some daily use functions. One of the most interesting features of A4 is the parking assistance. With all the parking spaces mostly being crowded, A4’s 12-sensor parking assistance is something which is sure to help you with a smooth manoeuvre through tight spaces. The great combination of power-packed performance along with a comfortable cruising nature of the car is what makes it an ideal match for your daily needs.

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