Best roads to enjoy your luxury drive

Roads play a very important role in our lives. Be it the daily mundane drives from home to work or a highway that leads to a great place of amusement, roads have always been there seeing so many stories of love and longing.

Since you are here, it is pretty self-explanatory that you love the journeys rather than merely waiting for the destination to arrive. Being in a four-wheeled vehicle on the road is like watching a movie unfold and you have the best seat. The fun gets multiplied when you are driving that luxury plush feel over those endless roads.

We bring to you some well sought out roads that lead to happiness and will be a great match to your driving experience. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Mumbai to Goa

We have all witnessed the great road trip from the movie Dil Chahta Hai, and how it personifies happiness into a journey throughout. Well, how about getting a feel of it for yourself. Although it might seem like a long journey, there are reasons to be on this long stretch for that cruising. These roads are amongst the most beautiful ones in India, with a rich expanse of greenery and biodiversity for you to witness while you are having a hassle-free plush ride. It is a 10-hour drive on NH 17 which is as smooth as cream butter. A good amount of food joints on the way will serve well for your travel munchings.

Manali to Leh Highway

One of the favourite roads to drive on and on the list of all the motor enthusiasts out there! And it doesn’t come as a surprise, as it is one of the most beautiful landscapes to enjoy your luxury comfort ride. Its beauty and serenity is something that is sure to overwhelm you and leave you with a feeling of awe. This beauty is spread across 479 km and remains open to the public only for three to four months every year before heavy snowfall. It takes around 2 days with a stopover for rest and refreshment to complete this journey of serenity encompassing the sheer heavenly beauty all around you.

Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu La Pass

A less time consuming one, yet one of the most interesting roads on this list. Yes, even though it is only 40km from Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo in Sikkim, the road is sure to bring the adventure spirit of you behind the wheels. This narrow Himalayan road would be a great fit to test your driving skills. The road, with its narrow ends and sharp turns along with hairpins, will excite and scare you at the same time. Apart from all the adventure luring you in, the scenic beauty is something which is sure to add to the whole journey. Pump up some gas and steer through the beauty with that great luxury ride controls at your disposal.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Known as the golden city, encompassing bounteous golden honey sandstone, Jaisalmer is adorned with lakes, ornate Jain temples and havelis. Deserts have a charm to themselves, and something which is as beautiful in the day as it would be in night, or maybe even better. With a stretch of 558 km, it is a 10-hour drive on the roads in top-notch condition. You can make a brief stop at Jodhpur to fuel up your ride as well as your tummy, since Rajasthan has some delicious cuisines for you to try.

Bengaluru to Ooty

For those looking for a good serene drive in the southern part of India, this road is perfect. A great idea for the nature lover in you, as many call it one of the most scenic roads. The road is exquisite and comes with many enchanting sights offering exotic wildlife encompassing a chilling habitat. The challenging but fun hairpin bends to skill up you driving along the vast greenery to leave you enchanted in its beauty. In the lap of Nilgiri Hills is what drives every road enthusiast to take on this drive to fill the void in their otherwise mundane lives. Stretched into 273 km, this 7-hour ride on SH 17 is sure to give you some great eateries. While on your journey, you can also have a pitstop at Mysore and revel in the city’s ancient history.

Puri to Konark via NH 203

Would be the smallest road trip on our list but still holds some magnificent views and is a great drive to enjoy. Running for a mere 36 km, which will be covered in an hour, this beauty in Orissa would surely put most of the eastern states of India to shame. This Puri to Konark highway is a great place for the photography enthusiast in you. The beautiful canopy formed by trees on each side of the road and the soft misty breeze will cradle you to a sense of serenity.

Mumbai to Pune Expressway

This might be one of the best drives of the country that is not much of a stretch and yet you will be entirely satisfied at the end of this plush ride. The beautiful ghats around you and the highway adds to the whole drive. Not to forget that this is just 83 km of ride, so it could possibly be a great weekend getaway for those looking to get away from their everyday life. So if you are around the region and looking for a road trip, look no further and put some gas on and whoop, off you go on that luxury ride of yours.

This list sums up the whole idea behind the journey which is what we crave for rather than the destination. Yes, destinations are important but a journey is what makes the overall experience a memorable one, and what better than the feel of your luxury ride to do so.

Importance of inspecting a vehicle before you lock the deal

Getting your hands on that dream car is such a luring act. You just want to get done with the paperwork and get into that driving seat to flex it around the neighbourhood. Well, you have waited so long, then why not wait a bit more and have a better look at what you are getting yourself into. A shiny-looking car may have something hidden underneath, and it’s always better to have things all worked out before you hit the road.

We bring to you some teeny-tiny bits of information that could be really beneficial for you while you are on that dream-car hunt. Let us take you through it and get it over with as soon as possible, as we also want you to have that dreamy luxury car of yours.

Let’s begin with the exterior, as it is the most exposed part of the vehicle:

Walk around

Take a walk around the car you wish to make yours. Have a good look at the paint and check whether there are any inconsistencies in it. This should be done in a well-lighted place, or possibly in the sunlight, as it helps in finding the discrepancies of the paint job. Also check for any rust lurking around the outer body of the car, as it might reason out as a badly maintained car. Try opening and closing all the doors, along with the hood and trunk, and check for any unwanted noises coming from them which might be an issue of improper fitting. It is also essential to check for the rubber seals around the doors and windows to make sure that they slide in well.

Glass panels

They play a very important role in the whole process of having a car. Check for any small or large cracks on the glass as it might increase with the passage of time and could be an expensive repair to be made in the future.

Check the suspension of the vehicles

Suspensions are to be in great condition to have a great ride as the whole body might roll here and there if the suspension is not perfect. Yes, the emphasis on the word ‘perfect’ is done here as it caters to a great deal while trying to drive around. With bad suspensions, you might be driving a wobbly car in most cases, and why would anyone want something which is not stable enough to drive. In order to do this, stand at the back of the car and have a decent look for any slogging in the stance of the car. Next, go around the corners and press the car to see if it comes back to its original stance without any difficulty. If it comes back to the normal stance in no time, then it’s one thing less you need to worry about.

Check for any damage in the frame of the car

This type of damage is mostly caused due to any external accessory being installed into the vehicle. There might be holes made into the body and might cater to fill in the unwanted smoke from the outside if not looked into carefully. Also check under the hood – the part that connects the fender and radiator: it should be boulted-in and not welded for any reason at all.

Check the lights and tyres

Lights illuminate the roads and also help while putting a stoppage on the road. Check if all the lights are functioning properly: be it the headlights, tail lights, indicators, third-brake lights as well as the fog lamps. These are of great importance whenever you wish to purchase a used car.

Now moving on to the tyres. It has been said before that a tyre of the car shows you a clear image of its background. A tyre holds key secrets to find out where the car has been ridden and what all bad roads have been encountered by the vehicle. A thorough check-up of the tyre will include checking them of being the same size and make. Next up is checking for the wear and tear, and if there are any, they should be on both the tyres whether up front or at the rear. If any of the tyres are more damaged than the rest, it could be a great indication to know that the car has been driven carelessly before.

Checking under the hood

Hood is where the engine is; hence it becomes one of the most worked up places to look for any damage or leakages. The idea is to have a thorough checking of all the fuel tanks for any leaks. Check the belts for any crack or dry out and make sure that the oil is ample when you pull out the dipstick. The coolant should not be dirty and brown as it may indicate that there is a leak in the head gasket or maybe the coolant tank had never been cleaned before. When you pull the transmission dipstick, the liquid inside should be red or pink in color. The most important part is to check the timing belt, as it is one of the most expensive mechanics of a vehicle, and should be replaced after every 95k – 160k km.

Once you are done with the exterior inspection, let’s move to the interiors as it is the place you will be most of the time whether driving or not.

Let the interior inspections begin!


This is where most of your time will be spent while you are inside. Check for the seating capacities, if it is well suited for your needs and family comfort or are there any damages like burn marks on the seats. Check for the adjustable buttons and whether or not they are functioning properly. Foldable seats might be having some trouble while trying to recline or move back and forth. Do have a thorough inspection of all these elements of the seats.

Inside lights

This part includes inspecting the inner lights and functionalities. Here you would be looking at the headlights (daytime, nighttime and high beams), ceiling and interior lights, glove compartment lights along with mirror lights.

Controls and accessories

This is a major area you would want to examine pretty closely as all the luxury vehicles provide you with a great array of functionalities. And that is why, this part of the interior examination is a crucial part. It includes checking the windshield wipers and fluid control, heater/air conditioning, vents and airflow settings, mirror adjustments, GPS, door and window locks, power windows, stereo, power outlets, front window and rear window defrost, speakers, horn, clock, steering wheel tilt adjustment, sunroof controls and the releases for the hood, trunk and gas cap. Since it is inclusive of all these inspections, it plays a very crucial role in the whole inspection of the vehicle.


This is where you will be cross-checking the odometer reading with that of the car listing information. Check if there is any wrong information being displayed or are there any warning lights which you might want to take care of after you lock the deal. Once you are done with the aforementioned checklist, you will have some clarity on what you are buying into. However, with Motozite at your behest, you might want to just relax as all the cars in our inventory go through a great deal of inspection from authorised dealerships. It is our foremost responsibility to cater to all the needs of the customer while they are looking for their pre-owned luxury vehicle.

How to Sell a Luxury Car?

Unlike buying, selling a car is not a very joyful journey. Getting the right price and the right buyer are two most critical aspects of selling any car. With the beginning of the new year, this, right now, is the best time to sell your luxury car and get the best value out for your deal.

However, you have to be very mindful of how you want to sell your exotic luxury car. If you decide to sell your luxury car by yourself, you really must know what you are doing. Selling your car privately may sometimes get you a higher price than expected, but that does not eliminate the amount of work you need to do to get yourself prepared for the sale.

Here is a list of things you must do in order to sell your car:

  • Know your car’s worth: Firstly, you need to get a valuation of your car done, preferably through experts. This will help you get an idea of what it is worth. Additionally, getting a valuation done might help you find out if your car needs some fixing. These repairs may lead to a better price for your car. Moreover, you can decide what price to quote for your product.
  • Advertise: Make a list of all the advertising material you need. Take pictures of your car. Prepare an extensive description. It is also important to include the make and model, the year, the colour, the mileage and all other details you can remember. You would have to decide your budget for advertising as well.
  • Meetings with prospective buyers: If people show interest in your car, you need to meet the prospective buyers personally and take them for test drives as well. You have to be prepared to answer the many questions they might have about your car. You can be sure that the potential buyers are familiar with high-end automobiles.
  • Finalising the deal: Once you’ve found a buyer, prepare yourself for the long and tiring documentation process of sale and transfer of ownership. You also need to confirm that the payment has been cleared before you transfer the title, since fake or fraudulent checks are easy to forge. So, whenever you suspect fraud, make sure to contact the buyer’s bank.

Looks tiresome? Don’t you worry! There is an easier way out of it. To save you the trouble of going through all the hassle, we are here to provide you with the one-stop solution needed to sell your car. Depending on what you want, you can either sell your car for the right price or even trade in your old luxury car with a new one. Let’s get started with the two ways:

SELLING THROUGH THE ‘PARK AND SELL’ MODEL: A ‘Park and Sell’ model is one of the options of selling your darling lux. In this kind of sale, you would be handing over your vehicle to your trusted dealership and they will keep it on the floor for sale. Once your car is sold, you will receive your money from the dealership.

The benefits of this option are numerous. To begin with, no potential buyers are randomly dropping by your house and you are not meeting strangers. In addition, the dealership might be able to assist the buyer in obtaining financing. Privately selling it yourself would require an electronic funds transfer or an insured bank check – but those are indeed risky. You can appeal to a wider market when you sell your vehicle through this method as the dealership handles the advertising. Here are the steps to be taken to sell your luxury car via this model:

  • Find a reputable and authorised dealer: First things first, do your research to find out good brand authorised dealerships. Once you have chosen the one you trust, give them your details and relax.
  • Let the dealership examine your car: The dealership will contact you if they are interested in selling your car. Set up a meeting and let them examine your luxury car.
  • Setting a fair price: Once the dealership is satisfied with your car’s condition, they will get its valuation done for you. Set up a fair price for your car with them.
  • Waiting for the right buyer: The dealership will help you list your car and you do not have to worry about advertising. They will help you filter potential buyers and do the needful.
  • Finalising the sale: Once a buyer is ready, you have to proceed with the documentation. The transfer of your car to a new owner requires a lot of paperwork. However, with this option, the dealer will assist you with all of that and help you facilitate the sale without causing any mistrust or uncertainty during the transfer of ownership.

To drive your way through the whole process hassle-free, you can simply visit

TRADE-IN: Trade-in is an option that is very popular with people who are looking to upgrade their luxury cars with a new one and elevate their lifestyle, in turn. The trade-in process will enable you to free up a large chunk of money, so you can purchase another vehicle from the same dealer in exchange for your old luxury car. In a trade-in situation, the dealership puts your trade-in value toward a brand-new vehicle that you are willing to buy. You can get a lot of benefits and perks when you decide to trade your luxury car in. Trading your car to a dealership is very easy and requires little effort. That can be an important factor when choosing the trade-in option. In addition, there is a straightforward and convenient process:

  • Do your research: You have to do your homework on researching the available brand authorised dealerships. Furthermore, you should know the price range of luxury cars similar to yours. Consult the dealers for an estimate of your trade-in based on the details you provide.
  • Contact the dealership: The next step is simply to contact the dealership that you have selected. The dealership of your choice will do your car’s valuation and offer you their quotation. Here, at, we strive to offer you the best deals for your trade-in.
  • Select your new lux: Decide on a new luxury car with which you want to upgrade. Your dealership will provide you with a wide range of cars for you to select from. With us having your back, you will not have to worry about that one bit.
  • Seal the deal: Settle the costs with your dealer, complete the documentation required and voilà: you are done! Bring home your new luxury car and step into luxury.

The dealer will likely coordinate with you to transfer the vehicle title, register the car on your behalf and make the entire process simpler for you. Most of the time, you do not have to be concerned about your vehicle’s current condition as in the case of a private sale, since all the maintenance, cosmetic repairs and replacement parts will be handled by the dealer’s authorised service centre. You would receive an estimate for trade-in value that accounts for this added work, and the trade-in money you receive while exchanging your vehicle at the dealership can be used as a down payment on the new vehicle. Although there is no ‘one best way’ and every option has its own pros and cons, it is highly recommended to sell your car through luxury brand authorised dealerships for the many perks they offer.

Buying a used car in India – A complete guide

With the beginning of the new year, you might want to start afresh by upgrading your existing ride. Well, how about taking a leap into vehicular luxury. Yes, you read it right! There is a huge chance of owning that car of your dreams. A pre-owned luxury car could be a great fit to your lifestyle, and also would weigh much on that budget of yours.

Well, there still exists a problem of blowing a hole in your pocket, and to make sure that doesn’t happen, you could possibly go for a pre-owned car for a better trade off. However, there is a huge amount of risk while you go shopping for pre-owned four-wheeler ecstasy.

The idea is to provide you with a perfect step-wise solution to all of your buyer-related issues. It would be great to have a personal outlook on the world of buying a pre-owned luxury car through the eyes of an expert in that area because these pre-owned cars sure come at a price and you might want some expert advice to go to.

We, at Motozite, try our best to cater to all the needs you will be confined to, otherwise you have to go out there looking for a pre-owned luxury car. So, what all things you might want to take into consideration while going to get that four-wheeled luxury you have always wanted to own. Let’s have a better look at the things you might want to consider before closing a deal.

What type of vehicle are you looking for

The conundrum always occurs while making the choice between whether you would like to go for an all-performance power-packed monster under the hood or more likely a comfort cruiser for that plush drive on the otherwise not-so-good road conditions. A daily commuter might have a different perspective while looking for a ride, e.g., a fuel efficient luxury car could be what he/she might be looking for. On the other hand, if you are looking for a luxury machine for that weekend highway rides, a preference would be given to a powerhouse, so that you can push some numbers with a comfortable ride otherwise. Well, once you make up your mind among these two factors of your ride, you have established the basic idea of what you will be looking into when you are out there. Also, the cars you might want to make users differ in sizes, as people have different choices when it comes to big and small sizes, mainly focusing on maneuverability through the traffic. Furthermore, a car that runs on a petrol engine could be preferred by some over a diesel-run engine, which is purely a preference one can have. All these factors should be taken into consideration while you go out looking for your luxury car.

Make and model of the car

This would be a great deal breaker while trying to get your hands-on experience on that pre-owned car you wish to make yours. A preferred stat to check on is the manufacturing year of the car, as it plays a very vital role in the overall life of the vehicle. Be sure to cross-check all the details regarding the make and model, as this might affect your after-buying experience. Vehicle history is another important parameter which you don’t want to miss, as it shows how the vehicle has been maintained and looked after. The vehicle history could include going through the service history, previous owners details and pending challans if any. If the car is too old on paper and looks pretty new to you, there might be some hidden information you might want to get your head into. So, make sure you do the required insinuations and get a clear cut image of what is on the offer for you.

Have a thorough test run

Getting yourself a thorough run through is one of the most important aspects of getting yourself a pre-owned vehicle. A great way to do this is taking the car for a spin and getting a thorough test drive. Legend has it that a car speaks to you if you listen carefully and test drives are a great way to do just that. There must be a certain precision of looking into the way the car comes alive and one should also keep in mind to check for any unwanted sounds coming from any parts of the vehicle. The test drive will provide you with a great amount of insights into the idea of what you are buying for yourself. As these luxury vehicles are loaded with features, e.g., power seats, sun roofs, parking assists, 360-degree camera and so on. Going by the looks of the car, it might look appealing to you but there could be a very crucial area where you would want to put your maximum investigative skills.

Checking the paperwork

Thanks to the laws made by the government of our country, there is a great amount of documentation carried upon while buying a vehicle. These might cause a great amount of frustration in the coming times, especially if one does not actually look through all the paperwork. One of the most convenient ways to verify all the information provided is going through the App mParivahan — a government-run application developed by the NIC (National Informatics Centre) where info regarding RC, challans, insurance and pollution can be found. This is a very easy way of inspecting the paperwork as the information over the app is uploaded by the government officials. The reason this is such a vital part is because of the sheer nature of us ignoring to check the documents and making a big mistake. Furthermore, insurance information can give you an idea about the damages that the car might have procured while it was with its previous owner.

Checking the otherwise flawless body of the vehicle

As we all know, a seamlessly flawless body could give you a great idea of what you might want to consider buying, but inspecting it is also a very important aspect. Get an expert mechanic with you whom you can trust with decisions, and let him do the work needed. This is necessary as your decision might get clouded with the enchanting beauty of the car you laid your eyes on, but with a guy whose job is to fix cars, these inspections could come in handy. In this process, you could end up finding if there were any fixes made to the vehicle or if there is any unwanted rust lurking under the beautifully polished body.

Okay, now let’s consider that you have completed all the work required before purchasing that pre-owned luxury car for yourself. These things will consume a great amount of work and time which you could have otherwise enjoyed spending some quality time with your loved ones. But, then again, this is your dream coming true: how could you be at ease.

Well, what if there is someone out there who can get on with all the extra work you require to do to get that dream car of yours. At Motozite, we put great emphasis into this and provide you with a hassle-free pre-owned luxury car buying experience. The way we arrange only verified cars of only brand authorized dealerships in our huge inventory, along with range of certified cars, is a very stringent process of going through all the above-mentioned steps in order to make sure that you get the best deal for the money you are investing.

So, with this buy of yours, let us help you go through that transmission of owning a luxury car and get to you the joy of riding with comfort. Visit and take home a work of brilliance in the form of a pre-owned luxury car.

Best luxury cars of 2021

A run through the best of luxury cars of 2021

A great idea is put into action when it comes to crafting a luxury drive with all the possible inputs that one could think of in a luxury car. Moreover, with the growing need for a plush feel while you are on the road, luxury vehicles are a great fit (and a big hit)!

The year 2021 was packed with an unending list of luxury to choose from. In this passing year, many luxury car manufacturers tried to establish a greater role in the Indian automobile industry. As the year comes to an end, we present to you some of the best ones from 2021:

Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600

Mercedes, a German-manufactured vehicular luxury, is one of the best in the segment. It is quite well-known when it comes to being at the forefront of vehicular ideation and bringing out the best-in-class driving dynamics. And all of these come together in a perfect blend with the all-new Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600. Priced at ₹2.43 crore, ex-showroom, it is one of the highly luxury-driven automobiles out there presented by the German manufacturers. With features such as climate-controlled seats with massage function, rear entertainment system, electrically extendable ottoman, refrigerator with space for champagne bottle, silver champagne flutes, and more, it makes the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 one of the most expensive SUVs in the world. Powered by a 4.0-litre V8 turbo petrol engine that develops 550 bhp and 730 Nm, along with the 48-Volt hybrid system that offers up to 21 bhp and 250 Nm of instantaneous torque, it brings along some great numbers for a massive vehicle like this.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR

The British manufacturers present their latest rendition of craftsmanship with the all-new Range Rover Sport SVR. The new addition to the Range Rover vehicle is the slightly renditioned sport SVR. It is, in a way, a better chiselled one, as the exterior seems to be a bit sharper than the last one from the same family. Yet the bold and commanding stance of the car is still there and can very much act as an assertive part of the whole experience. Being powered by a turbocharged V8 engine helps the SVR to glide past 100kmph in just 4.7 seconds. With the 8 cylinders incorporated together, it displaces 4999 cc. Furthermore, it gives a power of 542 bhp and a torque of 680 Nm at 3500rpm to 4000rpm. The driver can be a bit more relaxed with a command driving positioning program, a gradient acceleration control, and a speed proportional electric power assisted steering function, since these are some great sets of functional tools to play around with. Interiors have not received much of a refreshing touch as much as the exterior yet can deliver some much-needed comfort ride on demand. The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is priced at a starting range of ₹91.27 lakh and goes up to ₹2.19 crore.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Germans are back again on the list. It seems like they are constantly in a mad rush to get their consumers the best in class and at a faster and sturdy pace too. While the Maybach GLS 600 is what we were talking about earlier, this one is a bit special as the Germans have introduced one of their flagship cars back with some cosmetic changes and that too at an amazing price point. The variant is priced at ₹1.57 – 1.61 crore, ex-showroom Delhi. The new S-class gets a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display, a 12.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, connected car tech, and two wireless phone chargers. It is also equipped with a 64-colour ambient lighting, a panoramic sunroof, and 20-inch alloy wheels. A well-suited idea for your plush ride has got a bit more luxurious.

Jaguar F-Pace SVR

The all-new Jaguar F-Pace SVR is one of the most recent vehicles from the UK manufacturers to be on par with all the luxury SUVs out there. The sheer idea of having a combination of great driving dynamics and plush feel is what makes the F-Pace SVR a great deal for the luxury vehicle enthusiasts. The SVR tag is enough to have a clear-cut idea that the car is an embodiment of performance and sublime luxury packed into one. The F-Pace SVR has now been launched in the country with a price tag of ₹1.51 crore (ex-showroom). Power figures on offer are a 4999 cc engine which is available with an automatic transmission. The 4999 cc engine puts out 543.11bhp at 6250-6500rpm of power and 700 Nm at 3500-5000rpm of torque. With so much power on offer, one might as well take this beast on whatever terrain they feel like.

BMW 740Li M Sport edition

The new BMW 740Li M Sport edition is somewhat a great mix of both worlds: a big luxury vehicle enveloped with some great power figures. It would be an oversimplification of the whole German manufacturing to just call this car a simple luxury vehicle. The BMW has priced its flagship sedan, the 740Li M Sport edition in the country at around ₹1.43 crore. This variant is available in 21 colors to pick from. Power figures such as 2998 cc engine is available with an automatic transmission. The 2998 cc engine puts out 335.25 bhp at 5400-6500rpm of power and 450 Nm at 1500-2000rpm of torque. With so much power delivery, one could easily cruise at a great speed with all the comfort in the world. Smoothness is what one would experience when they drive around in a luxury ride like this which is almost as long as a limousine. Space is what makes the all-new BMW 740Li M Sport edition a big hit.

Last year being such an underwhelming experience for most of the vehicle manufacturers, the coming time seems like a perfect time to indulge in the luxury of your preference with all the new luxury vehicles that have rolled down the lane. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the luxury line of vehicles seems to be doing a great job when it comes to bringing new vehicles on to the shores of India. With so many upcoming vehicles, you can be at ease as we keep a regular check on what to pick for your next upgrade.

5 Things Every Pre-Owned Luxury Car Owner Must Know Before Buying

5 Things Every Pre-Owned Luxury Car Owner Must Know Before Buying

Buying a luxury car tops the checklist of things people want to do in life. More so when this luxury dream of yours costs less to you. A pre-owned luxury car presents a great alternative to an entirely new vehicle. You don’t have to pay a lot to live the high life. The Indian market has seen a surge in the demand of the luxury pre-owned cars that fit the budget as well as the comfort, safety and luxury status that comes with it.

For those of you just beginning your search for pre-owned luxury cars, here are 5 most crucial things you should know before you head out to buy a pre-owned luxury car.

  1. Research with due diligence:  If you want to buy a pre-owned luxury car, make sure you carefully consider all your options.Research the market through trusted reviews, magazines based on automobiles, videos by luxury car enthusiasts and other online platforms. Research the brand and model you are interested in buying. Model, car type and cost of the vehicle are all important factors to consider. Research the seller diligently. One of the most trusted options in the market is a luxury brand authorised dealership. These dealerships provide you with the treat of buying and selling pre-owned luxury cars.

As this is a big investment decision, you should consider talking to someone who is well-versed in the field of luxury cars. You can simply visit and get your personal expert to walk you through the specially curated collection of pre-owned luxury cars of luxury brand authorized dealerships.

  1. Set the budget: Having finished your research, the next step is todecide your budget. Finance is one of the most important factors between you and your dream premium brand car. Although used luxury automobiles offer greater affordability options and lower depreciation rates to buyers, they are still a significant investment. For first-time buyers, it will take more time to figure out what your family and personal needs are. Perhaps you will need some additional accessories or maybe you will want to make some modifications. Keep in mind your added expenses while calculating your final budget. Compare prices of cars and models that you are interested in buying. Look for the financing options available with banks in case you need it. These days banks and non-banking financial institutions have started providing loans for pre-owned vehicles at attractive rates of interest as well.

You also need to take note of the insurance cost as well as the extended warranty and other costs that tags along with the car. Insuring high-end cars is generally pricier however, car insurance is based on its current market value, so insurance rates would be lower for pre-owned luxury cars you are planning on investing in.  Luxury brand authorised dealers can provide you with a one stop solution for all these important decisions of yours.

  1. Car history & System scan: Explore the vehicle with the dealer. An essential aspect of buying used luxury cars is knowing their histories. Get your queries answered about the previous owner, the total run of the vehicle, fuel consumption, and most importantly do not shy away from asking the service history.  The service history can help in understanding whether the vehicle was serviced in the past as per the standards set by the manufacturers and whether the odometer is tampered or not.  

A luxury car is equipped with a number of complicated gadgets that must function smoothly in order for it to be luxurious. A thorough system check to ensure that all sensors, operating software, and other connected systems are functioning properly is crucial. Replacements after purchase can be quite pricey, so they aren’t a good idea. Prefer to go for an authorised dealership of the luxury car brand. Brand authorized dealerships conform to the manufacturer’s repair specifications. These dealerships use OEM parts, follow factory-directed repair procedures, and have the right equipment and know-how to complete repairs within factory specs.  This means that all technicians are fully conversant with OEM procedures.

  1. Test-Drive is a must: It is easier to determine whether a model and type of pre-owned vehicle is right for you by taking it for a test run. A test drive will help you decide if the car is still in good condition and you will get a taste of how the vehicle feels in action. There are many incredible features on the vehicle’s central console. You must examine the central console during the inspection of your potential future car. You must check this aspect of the car by connecting to bluetooth, taking and making calls, visiting various menu options, as well as playing various media files. Ensure that the controller, screen, and all buttons work efficiently and consistently. Also ensure that the gearstick, the air conditioning system, and the wipers work properly.

In addition, you can find out whether the vehicle that you are considering has any pre-existing conditions regarding its suspension, gearbox, steering components, etc. Check the comfort and functionality as well. Observe whether the car makes any odd noises, starts unevenly and displays any odd behaviour. We at give you various options of cars that are pre-selected and inspected by qualified technicians only. Your test drive appointment is just a click away.

  1. Negotiation and payment process: It is but human to negotiate a fair price before purchasing a product. Negotiation is only possible with vehicles that are more expensive than anticipated. Dealers and sellers will be more than happy to provide you with the best and last price.

Payment must always be made by check or bank transfer. In this way, you can keep an audit trail of your purchase. Lastly, ensure that the dealer transfers the car to the new owner once the deal is finalized. To confirm the vehicle ownership in a legal manner, make sure to get the previous owner’s registration. You will also need to complete a lot of other paperwork in addition to the legal documentation. Brand authorized dealership makes the entire process of purchasing and selling effortless for you.

Owning a luxury car is not a distant dream anymore. A careful consideration of above-mentioned points can help you land a great deal in buying a pre-owned luxury car with exclusive features at an affordable price. For more details visit

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pre-Owned Luxury Car

A car reflects your lifestyle, your choices and your overall personality. Therefore, it is vital to choose a car that suits both your daily needs and your persona.

For the true car lovers, the ultimate dream is to own a luxury car that compliments their persona and has features that will make driving a fun and safe experience. From the most advanced safety options to the best automotive technologies, there’s an endless list of reasons for the popularity of luxury cars.

However, buying a new luxury car is expensive, but with the option of pre-owned luxury cars available through authorised dealers, the difference between old and new becomes trivial, except for the price.

You would be surprised to know that there is a huge section of buyers who, after weighing the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new luxury car, choose to buy a pre-owned luxury car.

Be a smart buyer and know where to put your hard-earned money. To help you with it, here we give you a few reasons to consider and decide why you should buy a pre-owned luxury car.

Furthermore, if you’re worried about the availability, have no fear: It’s very easy to buy a certified pre-owned luxury car on sale – Simply visit and choose from some great options of luxury cars from luxury brand authorised dealers.

  1. The price is rightThere is no doubt that the most important reason why a pre-owned luxury car is a good buy is its value. We all know that the moment you buy a new car and drive it off, the depreciation of the car starts. However, the depreciation of pre-owned cars is comparatively lower than that of new cars. One may see new cars depreciate as much as 50% in the first four years, while pre-owned cars depreciate much more slowly. If you buy a pre-owned luxury car that has undergone initial depreciation, it is likely to retain its value more and more as you own it.
  2. Safety is the keyHigh-end luxury cars come powered with many exciting features and advanced technology; and while these features are amazing and out of the ordinary, safety is certainly a priority when it comes to luxury cars. These cars offer many safety features than their non-deluxe counterparts, and that itself makes up for a good enough reason for the popularity of luxury cars. Since safety is something that everyone can agree on, people are ready to pay a little extra to get that reassurance.Here are some of the top safety features you should look out for:
    • Lane keeping assist system
    • Pedestrian detection technology
    • Collision avoidance system
    • Blind spot warning system
    • Head-up display
    • Driver drowsiness detection system
    • Knee airbags
    • Crash sensors
  3. State-of-the-art features and technologyWhen it comes to latest features and technology, nothing beats luxury cars. Additionally, you may wonder that the latest features are available only with the newer models, but that is not the case. Generally speaking, luxury models are already loaded with innovative features before they get to the mass segment. In some cases, the technologies used in luxury cars aren’t even seen in their non-deluxe counterparts. Keeping that in mind, there are many great features you could enjoy which would not have otherwise been possible.Some entertainment technologies that are available in luxury cars are:
    • Memory function seats
    • Gesture control
    • Top quality audio systems such as Harman Kardon and Bowers & Wilkins
    • Rear seat entertainment system
    • Panoramic sunroofIn addition to it, there are several other operating technologies that can make your driving experience impeccable:
    • City safety feature
    • Automated boot
    • Remote climate control
    • Run-flat tyres
    • Air suspension system
  1. A comfortable driveWhether you have a long commute every day or are just driving to and from the store, comfort is one of the most important things to consider; and with certain high standards and comfort attached to their name, luxury cars are a no brainer. High-end cars include features like heated seats, comfortable summer cooled seats, heated steering wheels, and even splendid floor mats to make your driving experience comfortable and relaxing. So even if you’re buying a pre-owned luxury car, there’s a good chance that it will come laced with exciting convenience features.Some of the most comfortable features include:
    • Ventilated seats
    • Power adjustable front seats with memory functions
    • Swivel seats
    • Star light headliner
  2. Go sustainableWho thought that buying a pre-owned luxury car would not just bring you a never-before driving experience, but it would also help you contribute towards the sustainable environment in the easiest way possible! With the world moving towards an all-electric future, the automakers in the luxury segment are using more recycled and sustainable materials to help make their cars lighter and greener. The luxury cars are easy on the environment through features that are unique to them and don’t harm the environment as much as the non-luxury versions are bound to do. New adaptations, such as vegan leather, plastic bottles recycled into a suede-like fabric for seat covers and a compressed wood product made from sustainably harvested rattan used for floor and dashboard decoration, are just some of the ways the luxury cars are leading the way.
  3. There is nothing like itLuxury cars are an emblem of success. Apart from increasing your social status and value, they are also equipped with the latest technology and safety features that are all-important for any car lover. Colours, features, technology or safety – you name it and there is an available option always there for you.Buying yourself a pre-owned luxury car is one of the best ways for you to realise your dream of owning a luxury car: Visit, explore the many options to choose from, know every little aspect of your favourite luxury car beforehand that will help you make a wise decision, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind driving experience.